Pest Control:  From START to FINISH



One of the most important factors in pest control is making sure people know basic pest information.  Unexpected costs and headaches can be avoided from pest misidentification and tenant hysteria. ExCimex offers a wide range of training services. IPM emphasizes teamwork by training everyone in your facility, including management, staff, maintenance personnel, tenants, and cleaning crews, to recognize the signs of bed bugs, cockroaches and other urban pests, to record instances of suspected bugs and other pests, and to report immediately. 



The first step is an inspection to assess the problem, establish a baseline, and then we provide you with options for treatment.

After treatment, we devise an annual Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for your building by implementing Inspection-based Protocol.  With a proactive approach, quarterly or biannual inspections ensure that any issues beyond baseline treatment are documented and treated promptly. 

K9 Augmented Inspection:

As an option for quick, quiet and confidential inspection for bed bugs, our canine assisted partner can make inspections less-invasive, reduce time in units, and act as that extra tool for identifying these unwanted pests.  Under the supervision of a licensed professional handler, dogs are trained to alert on the presence of LIVE bed bugs we subsequently verify visually.  

For more information about canine inspections please visit the Green Dog Pest Service website at:



After thorough inspection, if a live infestation is found treatment options vary depending on the identified target pest (or pests) and amount of preparation necessary based on IPM guidelines.  We work side-by-side with tenants and management developing a full plan from preparation to pesticide application and cleanup.  Our plans range from:

  • Premiere - Full preparation pre-treatment, including:  assistance with temporary tenant relocation, cleaning and removal of any necessary disposal items, deep cleaning of the unit (wall scrub, baseboard scrub, furniture scrub, mechanical removal of pest, vacuuming), carpet removal (if necessary), perimeter spray and full area pesticide application, with a followup program guarantee of eradication up to 60 days post-treatment.
  • Basic - Simple pre-treatment prep, including:  furniture arrangement pre-pesticide application, minor mechanical removal of target pest, assistance with necessary item disposal, perimeter and full area pesticide application with a followup program guarantee of eradication up to 60 days post-treatment. 
  • IPM on a budget - No prep, select pesticide application, no guarantee of eradication. 

With consideration of fumigation options we subcontract with local companies for your convenience. 


We prepare all records and documentation so you don't have to.  All records are kept onsite for quick reference in your IPM plan - what we call the "Big Book" - as well as in our own office available upon request.