IPM is a combination of common sense and scientific principles.  It is a way of thinking about pest management that values

  • Education, training & awareness
  • Knowledge of the pest's habits, life cycle, needs & dislikes
  • Responsible use of pesticides
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Establishing a threshold for action


CONTROL:  IPM blends multiple control methods based on site information obtained through diligent inspection, monitoring and reporting.  For Property Managers, IPM gives you: 

  • Cost Control - with IPM, your costs are reduced over time once a baseline is established and urban pests are measurably maintained.  
    • Proactive vs. Reactive:  Inspection-based protocol vs. Complaint-based protocol keeps you one step ahead of unnecessarily large and expensive treatments.  Identifying "hot spots" and patterns of infestation more effectively manages pest problems. 


  • Cultural Control - training and educating management & tenants increases awareness of urban pests.
    • Pest identification, understanding basic biology, how to reduce attractants and practicing preventative measures keeps the community involved and actively fighting as the first line of defense against pests.


  • Treatment Control - Unfortunately there's no such thing as a single-shot or "silver bullet" for eliminating urban pests.  Fighting them requires employing several tactics.
    • Physcial/Mechanical:  vacuuming, deep cleaning, clutter disposal, clothes dryer employ, mattress/box spring encasements, moats and monitors, etc.
    • Biological:  botanicals, environmentally friendly products
    • Chemical:  specifically and restricted to treating identified target pests reducing environmental concerns and complying with city/state regulation
    • Followup inspection/treatment:  is built into each treatment and is key for protocol effectiveness, resident lifestyle compliance and reducing possible cross-contamination.


  • Legal Control - Planning and Documentation 
    • An IPM plan is specific for each property manager.  It holds Records of Treatment, inspection findings and develops a history/profile for each apartment unit.  This is key for minimizing exposure through documentation, detailed record keeping and proper reporting.

TEAMWORK = the overall theme of IPM.  ExCimex works directly for the Property Manager who acts as team leader.  Working side-by-side with maintenance and tenants, we're the eyes, ears and hands doing the dirty work so management doesn't have to.