Summertime brings a break in the academic year, and a return to home and hearth.  It’s a period of adjustment for parents and students alike, and the routine is anything but routine.  It is also a time when unwanted hitch hikers, in the form of bed bugs or other urban pests relocate from the hallowed halls of dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses, and student housing.  Backpacks are the vehicle of choice for pests, along with duffel bags.  One pregnant female bedbug can result in a full blown infestation in an alarmingly short period of time.  Mitigating a serious infestation will match a semester’s tuition in cost.

1.    The homeward bound student makes the garage his or her first stop.
2.    DO NOT take any article of clothing, bedding, luggage or even study materials into the home.  (see below).
3.    All articles of clothing, bedding, backpacks, and duffel bags are gathered, and run through the dryer at high heat for 30 minutes. Bed bugs are HEAT INTOLERANT
a.    If a clothes dryer is not available, then seek out a commercial laundry with industrial sized dryers.
4.    DO NOT spray down articles with commercial pest products (RAID or HOT SHOT).  These are ineffective and are highly flammable.
5.    Become aware of your student’s surroundings, and living standards. 
Should your student return home with a significant presence or infestation of bed bugs, advise the housing director, or landlord, or housing manager (where the student resides during the academic year) of the situation